Da Di Fo Shou Premium Tea


Signature product of Thaitee, which is well known locally and internationally. Yong Chun Fo Shou (Buddha’s palm) is one of the Top 10 tea produced in FuJian province, also known as Citron. The tea does look like Buddha’s palm and therefore it is also coined ‘Golden Buddha’s Palm’. Produced mainly in YongChun county, Fo Shou is a supreme tea among the FuJian Oolong teas. Its fragrance is pleasant, like fresh fruits. On top of that, it has the highest amount of Zinc and Flavone among all Oolong. Good for daily consumption, it’s suitable for all ages.

大地茶行的国际闻名的招牌茶。永春佛手茶,福建十大名茶之一,又名香橼。 因其形似佛手、名贵胜金,又称“金佛手”,主产 于福建永春县, 是福建乌龙茶中风味独特的超级名品。不仅茶韵芳香如鲜果,锌和黄酮类物质是所有乌龙茶中含量最高的,老少皆宜,更是日常品饮的不二之选。

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