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    • Da Di Cha Wang Premium Tea


      Harvested from the mountain, lightly fermented and processed using traditional tea-making technique, this is a special type of tea with pleasant aroma. Its strong after taste sweetness brings you to a tranquil state-of-mind. 高山茶叶,轻度发酵,工艺制作,特种高香韵足的茶品。特饱满的强回甘特性,更能给人顿时心宁神清的感受。

    • Da Di Fo Shou Premium Tea


      Signature product of Thaitee, which is well known locally and internationally. Yong Chun Fo Shou (Buddha’s palm) is one of the Top 10 tea produced in FuJian province, also known as Citron. The tea does look like Buddha’s palm and therefore it is also coined ‘Golden Buddha’s Palm’. Produced mainly…

    • Da Di Lan Hua Xiang Premium Tea


      Lightly fermented and baked using very unique technique, this is a premier tea with very limited production. You will be amazed by its unique and long lasting orchid fragrance. No chemicals or any harmful substance. 高品质、轻发酵、产量少、经过特有的人工烘焙技术,蕴藏着兰花独特的幽香,不含任何化学成分及有害物质。此茶香味悠长,奥妙无穷。

    • Fancy Corbeil Blooming Flower Tea


      Brightening eyes, caring for liver and stomach, diminishing inflammation, relieving heat. Fit for people who are accustomed to working computer, watching television, reading for long time.

    • Gui Pin Tie Guan Yin Premium Tea


      Oolong TGY tea is one of our signature products. It’s well known among the tea lovers since the establishment of our teashop. Even if you are new to tea drinking, you will be able to enjoy the classic taste of Chinese tea, embodied in Oolong TGY tea. 大地茶行的招牌茶之一。 品相韵味,历久弥香,从开业迄今都得到茶友的好口碑。即使是刚刚接触茶叶,这款茶也足于让你感受到纯而正的中国茶味道。

    • Jasmine Fairy Blooming Flower Tea


      Slowing down the ageing process, enhance the immune system, reducing the build up of LDL cholesterol, reducing reactions to certain allergens, protecting tooth. 14 buds

    • Pu Er Chinese Tea 普洱茶


      Ingredients :Black Tea Type :Ripe Pu’er Tea Origin :Lincang, Yunnan, China Harvested Date :2015 from tea tree over 100 years old Method :100% hand-plucked whole leaf tea Weight :5 grams/ piece Package :12 pcs/ box (total 60g)

    • Teh Yong Chun Cha Wang


      Lightly fermented, the tea is fresh and gives out wonderful flower fragrance, which is the special ‘Guan Yin Aroma’. Its aroma will last long even the tea is steeped many times. The tea is highly value for money and we are offering this as an appreciation to all our customers.…

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